Rancho Mirage Energy Authority and Southern California Edison (SCE) collaborate to deliver your electricity. SCE maintains the lines and infrastructure, manages start/stop service requests, and handles billing for which they receive "Delivery & Transmission" charges. Meanwhile, RMEA provides the actual energy, or electrons, into the lines and receives "Generation" charges. You are not billed twice; instead, you receive one monthly bill from SCE with two line items, clearly outlining the two components of your energy service. 

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You are already receiving cleaner electricity from RMEA if you live within Rancho Mirage and did not opt out. When Rancho Mirage customers request to start electric service with our distribution and billing partner Southern California Edison (SCE), they are automatically enrolled into RMEA's most cost-effective plan.

No registration process… Welcome to choices and savings

If you opted out and would like to re-enroll, call us at 760-578-6092 or email us at


All customers are enrolled automatically into RMEA's most economical plan, Base Choice.

No further action is needed unless you elect to...

1. ENROLL in the no-upfront cost Tesla Solar + Battery option Power Choice

2. ONLY USE 100% Renewable Energy, then opt-up to Premium Renewable Choice

3. LEAVE RMEA- opt-out to lose out on RMEA benefits, rebates and programs. 

Benefits Of Choosing RMEA

  • Competitive and stable rates, with priceless environmental benefits
  • Clean energy options including 100% renewable
  • Reinvestment in your community through local energy projects and targeted community programs
  • Local control of electric generation service options and rates