Residential Rate

Competitive Rates. Cleaner Power.

The electric charges on your bill can be simplified into two categories:

  • Electric Delivery Rates – SCE delivery rates are the same for RMEA and non-RMEA customers.
  • Electric Generation Rates – Generation rates vary depending on the service that you choose: SCE, RMEA Base Choice, RMEA Premium Renewable Choice or RMEA Power Choice.
If you choose RMEA service, RMEA will replace SCE’s higher rate for generation with RMEA’s lower rate. SCE adds fees specific to Community Choice Aggregation Programs– these fees are factored into RMEA’s rate setting process so that in total, you always receive a savings.

As part of our mutual commitment to better serve customers, RMEA and SCE have come together to provide a comparison of common rates and average monthly charges. Below you will find a representative comparison of our rates, average monthly bills, and power generation portfolio content based on customer class.

Rate Details

Rates are set by Rancho Mirage City Council whose interests are aligned with yours. Any decisions made regarding RMEA will be in public meetings where you are free to ask questions, voice your concerns or offer your praises.

Discount Rates

Customers enrolled in RMEA still receive their full CARE/FERA and Medical Baseline discounts. There’s no need to reapply, and no change in the discounted rates.