Premium Renewable Choice

pic-premimumRenewal-400x267Whether you are a resident or a local business, you have the power to choose 100% renewable energy. RMEA’s Premium Renewable Choice rate plan offers customers the option of “opting-up” to 100% renewable energy at a very affordable price.

RMEA is committed to providing clean, economical electricity. With Premium Renewable Choice, your electricity will come from renewable energy sources- to learn more about where your energy comes from see RMEA Power Sources

Opt Up

Whether you’re a resident or a business owner, you have the power to change the amount of renewable energy that is put on the grid. With Premium Renewable Choice, all of the power you buy for your home or business comes from 100% renewable power.

Residential and commercial accounts opting up to 100% renewable energy will see an incremental increase from Base Choice rate of $0.009 or .9¢ per kWh. The average residential account in Rancho Mirage uses 1,100 kWh per month, which would result is the incremental costs of $9.90 per month above Base Choice for the average residential account.

You will be satisfied knowing that 100% of your electricity comes from renewable sources and the cost is affordable!

Should you decide that Premium Renewable Choice is not for you, you may switch back to Base Choice at any time.

Click Here to View Premium Renewable Choice Terms and Conditions. 
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