Opt Out

Remain Entirely with SCE

You may opt to receive electricity service entirely from SCE. Opting out means you won’t be participating in the City of Rancho Mirage’s locally-controlled energy program, and you won’t be receiving the benefits of using clean energy that costs less.
There’s no fee to opt out. And if you later decide that RMEA’s electricity really is a good choice for you, we’ll be happy to welcome you back!

Option 1

By selecting this option, you will return to Southern California Edison service on your next meter read date following five business days from your request. During the first six months of service from Southern California Edison, you will be subject to SCE’s transitional bundled rates which are the market rate for electricity. This rate can be lower or higher than the traditional rates and is subject to change throughout the six month period. At the end of the six month period, you will be returned to the standard bundled rates. For more information regarding SCE’s transitional bundled rates, call (800) 974-2356 or visit sce.com.

To select this option, contact customer service at 760-578-6092, or email customerservice@ RanchoMirageEnergy.org.

Option 2

By selecting this option, you are giving Southern California Edison six months advance notice that you will be returning to their service. You will remain a customer of RMEA for six months after you submit your request. After six months, you will be transferred to SCE’s standard bundled rates. You will not be subject to the transitional bundled rates. To select this option, fill out the online “Opt Out” form below.