Power Choice

A RMEA program in partnership with Tesla

RMEA is thrilled to announce the Power Choice Program, developed in partnership with Tesla. This program will offer residents a unique opportunity to adopt solar energy and battery storage systems at no upfront cost.

Through the Power Choice Program, homeowners have the option to move to renewable energy by having solar panels and Tesla batteries installed on their properties without any initial investment. Instead, the participants will purchase the power from the system at a set, affordable, cost per kilowatt monthly payment, making it easier for more residents to access clean, renewable energy and benefit from the advantages of energy storage.

Homeowners and developers who participate in the program will enjoy a host of benefits. These include easy access to solar financing and installation, comprehensive integration with their existing RMEA service, access to back-up power in the event of an emergency or Public Safety Power Shutoff. In addition, participants would be eligible for the $500 rebate through the RMEA Solar and Battery Rebate program, and of course there is an expected savings on most participants electric bills.

One of the unique benefits of this structure is that all residents qualify; there is no consumer credit check. Often, these types of programs are only available to those with the best credit scores. This program will allow all residents access to energy savings and resiliency. This program is another way for RMEA to enhance and encourage renewable energy development in our community and gives our resident another option in moving forward with solar and batteries.

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How much does it cost?

The CCA Customer Agreement with RMEA customers is proposed at $0.145 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) with a 1.9% annual escalator for solar. The cost is set at $115.00 per month for the first Powerwall battery and customers can opt to acquire additional Powerwalls at a cost of an additional $75.00 per month per Powerwall.

How to sign up?

To view frequently asked questions and order an assessment through Tesla, click below!

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