Solar Choice

RMEA NEM Program Benefits
Our Net Energy Metering (NEM) program is similar to SCE’s, with a few benefits:

  • RMEA net surplus compensation rate is $0.06 per kWh.
  • Service by RMEA does not affect your rate plan or legacy NEM status, and RMEA honors all SCE rate plans
  • Option to receive 100% renewable energy with Premium Renewable Choice
  • If you are a Premium Renewable Choice customer, the extra $0.009 or .9¢ per kWh premium applies when you are drawing power from the grid as well as when you are generating power and sending it back to the grid.
  • Enrollment into RMEA’s NEM program is automatic, to keep saving just stay with RMEA.
View our NEM program terms and conditions.

View California Solar Consumer Protection Guide.

How NEM Works


With RMEA’s Solar Choice, customers generation charges and credits are escrowed until May each year (end of our relevant period), which provides customers a full year to net out high summer usage against the system generated credits they have accumulated. With our Solar Choice program, you’ll receive an energy credit for the power your system provides to the grid. At the close of each month, we’ll tally the amount of grid energy you’ve consumed and contributed. If you have contributed more energy than you have used, you’ll see a credit on your bill for that month’s energy charges. If you have used more energy than you have contributed, you will see a charge for that month’s energy charges. Each May, on your meter read date, the kilowatt usage is evaluated. In the event that you used more power than your system generated, you will see a charge for the net amount. If you were a Net Surplus Generator or produced more energy than you used, you will be compensated at the Net Surplus Compensation Rate of $0.06 per kWh.

Annual True-Up

A true-up is an annual settlement of your account’s net charges and credits. Net charges will be applied and net credits will be reset to zero.

  • Net Consumers are customers whose panels generate less electricity than they consume over the annual true-up period
  • Net Generators are customers whose panels generate more electricity than they consume
RMEA customers who are Net Generators during an Annual True-Up Period will be paid for the excess energy at the Net Surplus Compensation rate.

True-Up Dates

Once you’re enrolled in RMEA service, you’ll have two true-up dates: one with SCE, who remains your provider for electric delivery, and one with RMEA, your new electricity generation provider.

Your SCE delivery and transmission true-up date may differ than your RMEA generation true-up date- it may be the sooner of your enrollment into RMEA or the date your solar system received permission to operate. On that date, your net charges and credits for electric delivery and non-bypassable charges will be settled by SCE.

Your RMEA true-up date will be your May billing date, when your net charges and credits for electric generation will be settled. For most customers, this true-up of generation charges will be reflected on your June bill.

For new customers, the annual true-up period for the first year will cover the period starting on the date that you began RMEA service through your May billing date. In cases where a new customer has received RMEA service for less than 10 billing cycles in their first annual true-up period, the annual true-up period may be extended to the following May billing date.