Power Sources

Where Does Our Power Come From?

RMEA utilizes multiple energy technologies to create a balanced mix of safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy. Having both renewable and conventional energy sources ensures we have adequate supply to meet demand during different times of the day. Variable energy resources such as wind and solar only produce power if the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

While RMEA continues to expand its diverse renewable portfolio, including increasing battery storage for renewables, You can choose to lead the way by opting up to the 100% Renewable Energy Option.

Your choice to use only renewable energy sources for all your power needs will result in an increase in our renewable energy portfolio. Together we can work towards making Rancho Mirage even greener!

3e55f191-de4d-4580-ad4c-a272a25da1c3Explore our renewable energy sources in the map below:

Location Name Type of Power Generation Generation Capacity
Brisitsh Columbia, Canada Powerex Wind Wind 1.3 MW
Nothern California Sierra Pacific Industries Biomass 4.85 MW
Kern County, California Voyager Wind IV Expansion Wind 5.4 MW
Kern County, California Manzana Wind Wind 5.5 MW
Carson, California Joint Water Pollution Control Plant – Total Energy Facility Biogas 2.3 MW
North Palm Springs, California Mountain View III Wind Wind 6 MW
Riverside County, California IP Athos Renewable Energy Project Solar 2 MW
Imperial County, California ColGreen North Shore Solar Solar 2 MW
Torrance County, New Mexico Duran Mesa Wind 1.89 MW