Don’t give away your money, you could get back up to $115…

Energy rush hours are like traffic rush hours in that as traffic clogs up roads when everyone drives to work at the same time, energy rush hours occur when everyone in a particular area turns on air conditioning or heating at once.

Imagine what can happen when the entire valley turns on their air conditioners during a heat wave. This, in addition to all the usual energy use in households such as running the refrigerator, the TV, lights, computers and similar, creates a large peak in energy demand and increases costs.

To keep up with demand, utilities may need to bring additional power plants online. It can be incredibly expensive to run these power plants for only a few hours over just a few days a year, so peak demand increases everyone’s costs, including yours.

But…there is a better way! If enough of us make the effort to reduce energy during these peaks, we can collectively eliminate the need for turning on these additional power plants. This lowers costs for utility companies… and you can be rewarded for doing it.

Enroll your qualifying smart thermostat in the SCE Smart Energy Program to receive up to $115. If you don’t have one yet, then upgrade your home today and you can receive an additional $5 rebate for recycling your old thermostat at an approved collection site.