What are the Benefits of RMEA?

RMEA provides customers a choice where before there was none. SCE customers will automatically be enrolled into RMEA’s discount on electricity. Solar customers will automatically be enrolled into RMEA’s net metering program that offers the benefits you get now, plus RMEA doubles the rebate for excess energy put back onto the grid over the SCE rebate. Community-wide savings at the end of 2020 is approximately $3 million.

What are other Benefits of RMEA?

  • No enrollment process; all customers are automatically signed up for saving.
  • CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline discount customers will keep their current discount and save even more with RMEA.
  • SCE will continue to read your meter, bill you, and process your payment. They will still respond to your requests and handle any power outages. Only the source and price of the electricity flowing to your home will change with RMEA.
  • No change to auto-pay plans or level rate pay plans.
  • RMEA energy is cleaner and better for the environment.
  • Optional 100% renewable plan (requires customers to take action to opt-up to this plan).
  • RMEA is a stand-alone program that doesn’t impact City services or funding.
  • Don’t want to save, customers may opt-out of RMEA and stay on the higher SCE rate schedule.